AI Billing

A Full-Fledged Billing Company Packaged as a Tool

Prior authorizations, insurance eligibility, referal letters, coding, claim submission, AR, and more, all autonomously completed and available at your fingertips.

Billing Information


All-in-One Platform

Everything a billing company does without the ridiculous percentages.

Insurance Eligibility
Verify insurance coverage for services to ensure timely payment and reduce billing errors.
Prior Authorization
Obtain approval from insurance providers before service delivery to guarantee coverage.
Manage provider credentials to maintain compliance and ensure the ability to bill for services.
Coding Compliance
Ensure accurate medical coding to meet regulatory requirements and optimize reimbursement.
Medicare Coding
Specialized coding practices for Medicare to ensure compliance and proper billing.
AR Follow Up
Track and manage accounts receivable to reduce days in A/R and improve cash flow.
Patient Statements
Generate clear and concise billing statements for patients to facilitate prompt payment.
Analytics and Insights
Leverage comprehensive data analytics to gain actionable insights and make informed decisions for financial optimization.

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