Get answers to frequently asked questions by ChartX users.

No, we do not offer new users a free trial. However, we do offer our users a money back guarantee if they are not satisifed with the product. Just fill out the form to being the process.

Pricing information is available to users who contact ChartX. Additionally, pricing information can be found once a user has created an account.

Yes, we have a demo of AI Scribe on our YouTube channel. Click here to watch the video.

ChartX is HIPAA compliant and uses state of the art cloud security practices. We take security very seriously considering the highly sensitive nature of personal health information.

ChartX currently provides a full integration with Dr. Chrono. Additionally, we have an integration with eCW coming soon. Let us know by filling out the form what other EHRs you would like to see.

AI Scribe is configured to learn and output notes that look like you wrote them yourself. Initially, there may be some differences between the notes AI Scribe writes and the ones you write; however, over time the two will converge and you won't be able to tell the difference.
We pride ourselves in having one of the most customizable scribes in the industry! Out of the box, AI Scribe comes configured with the default settings enjoyed by the majority of our doctors; however, if you would like your output to be configured differently, we allow you to provide our system with custom instructions and examples of what you are looking for.
ChartX updates its products every two weeks. Upon delivery of an update of substantial size, we email all of users and let them know about the new features they can start using.
ChartX does not have any usage limits, all users enjoy unlimited note generation.
ChartX does have a referral program! If a current user refers another doctor, both the current user and the referred doctor will receive a free month of AI Scribe use.

ChartX offers support in getting started with the platform. Furthermore, if users have questions, they can reach out through the form for support.

ChartX does not have a minimum subscription period. All subscriptions are billed monthly and users can cancel whenever they like.
ChartX offers the ability for users to create and manage accounts for their organizations. Administrators can purchase and provision licenses, further granular support is coming soon.

If a user deletes their accout, ChartX deletes all of the users's data within 30 days. For additional information, take a look at our .

ChartX is currently developing its mobile application for iPhone and Android. We are excited to bring this new feature to our users and will make an announcement once the apps are available for download.