AI Scribe

Transform Your Clinical Documentation

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, efficient and accurate documentation is key. ChartX revolutionizes this process by offering an AI-driven solution that effortlessly turns patient visits into comprehensive SOAP notes/encounter notes.

Scribing Information

Groundbreaking Features

Everything you expect from a human scribe and more.

Smart Dictation Mode
Speak to AI Scribe as if you're conversing with a colleague, using natural language, and watch as it transforms your words into structured, professional medical notes.
Ambient Mode
Embrace the future of medical documentation where technology works quietly in the backdrop, capturing every crucial detail of patient encounters.
HIPAA Compliant
Rigorously designed for HIPAA compliance, ensuring strict confidentiality and security in handling patient information.
<20s Note Generation Time
AI Scribe rapidly generates encounter notes in less than 20 seconds, streamlining documentation and enhancing patient care.
AI Scribe adapts to your preferred note formats. Provide your template, and watch as AI Scribe tailors the notes to your specifications, ensuring consistency and personalization in every record.
>80% Accuracy
Boasting greater than 80% accuracy rate, AI Scribe's output requires minimal edits, allowing for efficient integration with current workflows.
Record to Edit
Easily edit notes by rerecording instructions, allowing AI Scribe to adjust content without the need for manual typing.
EHR Integration
Designed for seamless integration with any EHR system, AI Scribe simplifies adoption in various healthcare settings.

Discover the freedom of focusing exclusively on patient care.